Amy joined our team 3 years ago after moving from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. Growing up an animal lover, she has found her comfort zone in working with our patients here at the clinic. She plays an integral role in our office, working as both Veterinary Assistant and Office Manager. Her favorite part about working here? “Being given the opportunity to build relationships with our clients and their pets for multiple years. It’s great knowing what a particular patient’s favorite treat is or being asked to pet sit because our clients trust us so much.”


Amy lives in NE Portland with her dog, Pepper and cat, Cricket. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, even in our Pacific Northwest rain. She co-owns a dog jacket company, called Muffinhead, which specializes in making dog jackets from recycled textiles.  





Katie has been working at our clinic as an assistant for over 1 year now, but has spent several years working in animal shelters in Oregon and Virginia, where she is from. Knowing that providing care for animals is what she wants to do most, she is currently taking classes to become a certified technician. She is constantly doing more to build her skill set and is eager to learn. Katie is extremely outgoing and enjoys spending her time here at the clinic, providing friendly care to our clients and their pets.


Katie lives in NE Portland with her 2 dogs and 4 cats, most of wich have been rescued through her work at animal shelters. She is a busy gal, balancing schoolwork and 2 jobs, but she always finds time to spend with her furry kids!





Erin is the newest member of our veterinary team, having started in May 2012. She has been working and volunteering with all types of animals since childhood- ranging from domesticated animals to squirrels,  eagles and kangaroos. Erin studied pre-veterinary zoology at Oregon State University and is currently learning diagnoses and surgical procedures here at our clinic. She has been a great addition to our team- always enthusiastic and eager to help clients.


Erin lives in SE Portland with her dog, Henry, and roommates’ dog and 2 cats – two of whom were rescued through Oregon Humane Society. She truly loves caring for animals. Her ultimate goal is to inspire a similar sentiment in everyone she meets.